• The Mee Sum Special

    The Mee Sum Special

    Anyone who attended the University of Washington has probably eaten some, if not many meals at restaurants along the Ave, a street parallel to the university’s campus that is mostly lined with homely joints offering large and cheap meals for college students. One of my favorites among these is Mee Sum Cafe, a Taiwanese spot.…

  • Chungking Carbonara

    Chungking Carbonara

    Carbonara is an Italian noodle dish consisting of pasta noodles cooked in a thick viscous sauce made of eggs, pecorino romano, and rendered guanciale (cured pork jowl). I like how creamy the sauce is but I wanted to make it without cheese. So I made a “chinese” version of it.   The guanciale was replaced…

  • Curry # 1 : It is what it is

    Curry # 1 : It is what it is

    Japanese curry with rice, AKA “Kare Raisu” (カレライス) is a strange dish. It’s served with rice, is seasoned with a spice blend that features turmeric and coriander, and usually has some amount of ginger and garlic cooked into it. These are fundamental characteristics of many Indian curries (which is the land of curry). However, it…

  • I don’t know where I’m going

    I don’t know where I’m going

    This morning, I woke up with cool hands and feet, and lightly sore legs. I dressed with the lights off and my eyes half closed, had to fumble around under the bed for my belt. I packed my things, got into the Minicooper, and drove north. I passed the commuters on their way to Bellevue,…

  • Namaste


    I didn’t want to overexpose myself to the feds and annoy all the people I barely talk to anymore by going on and on about my interests on Facebook and Instagram, so I’ve decided to contain myself here so people who are interested can voluntarily subject themselves to my thoughts with their eyeballs. I’m going…

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