I didn’t want to overexpose myself to the feds and annoy all the people I barely talk to anymore by going on and on about my interests on Facebook and Instagram, so I’ve decided to contain myself here so people who are interested can voluntarily subject themselves to my thoughts with their eyeballs.

I’m going to write about music, Korean, history, Japanese, video games, sports, movies, books, technology, science, and my vein-bursting struggles with development–whatever interests me, basically.

Believe it or not it took me all day to make this website. I’m not good at html so I used a wordpress template that took thirty seconds to download. Most of my time was spent working out building a virtual machine through a cloud web hosting service and then installing all of the necessary packages on the ubuntu system to get it to function. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get apache, php, and nginx to work on their own, so I had to use a third-party package called hestia which slaps a control panel gui over the whole thing. By the way, all these names–“linode”; “apache”; “debian”; “nano”… There are too many of them, and they all give me a weird feeling writing them all out. They’re so abstract.

I’ve attached this image of a building in china because I like it. I thought it looked lonely when I first saw it, but then I realized it probably has cars driving around it all the time, honking at it and maybe even crashing into it.





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  1. Elias Tobias Avatar

    Yes. Dude yes. Been waiting for a site like this since the dissolution of xanga!

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